ROARS Bi-Weekly Net:

ROARS welcomes all amateur radio operators in the San Diego County area.  We use the net to enjoy our hobby and to practice emergency communications procedures.  It is an on-the-air social time for everyone, so join in!

For more information on all the repeaters that the ROARS club maintains, CLICK HERE.

When:     1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month starting at 7 PM 

Where:    We typically (but see the calendar for details on each net!) start on the PARC 147.130 repeater, move to the 145.300 MHz ROARS repeater and finish on 145.710 simplex.  This is to test our ability to communicate throughout our community with and without repeaters.  Net Details here!

Who:        All licensed radio amateurs are more than welcome.  More is better.  Please join in!

Why three phases to the net?        In addition to hobby activities, we deliberately use three levels of increasingly difficult communications challenges that represent those we might have in a real emergency.  If folks can hang in there for all three phases, they are well prepared for tuff times.