Bioenno Power & Impulse Electronics

Bioenno Power and Impulse Electronics presented an amazing range of battery power systems and accessories and our August 2017 meeting.  Bioenno Power manufactures a new technology battery that is higher capacity and lower weight than previous Lead Acid or Lithium Ion designs.  You can pick from a wide range of battery capacities, and add solar panels and charge controllers as you need.   Impulse Electronics is their local (Escondido) distributor, and in addition to these batteries they carry all the power system accessories you will need.

Some of the interesting facts about the new Bioenno Power LiFePO4 state-of-the-art battery technology (perfect for Ham radio) are:

See the web sites above for details.  The September issue of QST also reviewed Bioenno Power.  HRO carries Bioenno products.