Allstarlink - Echolink

Allstarlink is a modified version of Asterisk PBX for ham use.  Asterisk is a voice over IP opensource program for running a business PBX phone system.  The ham modified version allows anyone to create their own personal node/hub with or without a radio attached.  This is similar to a hotspot running Pi-Star.  ROARS has added Allstarlink (Node 2089) to our local 2m repeater.  You might ask why since we have Wires-X on the 70cm machine.  Well in short it expands our capability and reach utilizing FM analog radios.  Allstarlink, coupled with DVSwitch, will transcode from FM analog to other digital formats like YSF, DMR, P25, IXDN and more.  As an end user you'll be able to dial-up another AllStarlink node/hub anywhere in the world much like activating a talkgroup in DMR except you won't need a digital radio.  

ROARS had this up and running sometime in the past but was abandoned for reasons unknown.  Perhaps with the repeater hardware change, interfacing it became problematic.  The current node has Echolink attached to it.  If you want to test it and have Echolink on your phone or PC, connect to KD6RSQ-R and you'll be talking over our local repeater via Echolink through the Allstarlink node.  

Below is a national map of Allstarlink nodes.  There are many clubs that use Allstarlink to connect multiple repeaters together creating a system. One local Southern California/Arizona system that does this is the White Mountain Repeater Association (Node 49842). WMRA spans from multiple locations in California to Arizona. 

To connect to a node from an FM radio, key up and type in *3node-number ie *349842.  You must disconnect when done with *1node-number.