Trailer Revamping

Broken tower welds have been repaired.  We've added 2 electric wenches to protect operators while raising the tower.  New/used JOB box added to the front of the trailer to get enough tongue weight for proper towing.  Tongue weight is not apx 300lbs instead of being negative.  K6SRS (Steve) donated the brown box that holds low value items for transport.  Another smaller JOB box added just in front of where the old battery box was located.  All 4 batteries fit just right.  This box has also been modified with a chassis  mount high amp Anderson outlet.  The new power cable plugs directly into the battery box and the other end plugs into the revamped power distribution box (not shown).  The distribution box comes equipped with 3 voltage stabilizing buck converters set at 13.6vDC.  There is one upgraded solar panel putting out 100w and is paired with one of the older panels at apx 30w.  Eventually we'll want to upgrade these to 300w each.  There's also a new/used solar charge controller donated by KD6RSQ (Chuck) that will also accommodate LiPo batteries in the future after the current batteries are no longer viable.

Fully loaded after completion.

Fully loaded after completion.

2 Wenches to raise tower.

View from Rear

Wench & Light Controls

New Battery Box

Power Connection

Work in Progress

N3MDH Contemplating

Many Broken Welds Repaired on the Tower