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We will post new ROARS or Ham information here as we have it. (If you have information or events we should share here, please email them to Steve.K6SRS@gmail.com)

  1. The final ARISS Dry Run has been moved back one week to Oct 10th at Ramona Lutheran. This is the final event before the real thing just a few days later!

  2. This ROARS website has just been converted to the new version of Google Site (because Goggle made us do it!) and it looks and behaves in very different ways!! One advantage for users is it automatically adjusts the formats to work well on both computers and mobile phones. Making it work as we want is a B!#<h. Be patient while we learn how to use it and make necessary adjustments.

  3. Tyler, KG6HUF, has just installed a new 75 watt cross-band repeater for us to play with, Good coverage down to Safari Park and east to Lake Sutherland. Input on 443.000 mHz, PL 110.9 - Output is 146.660, no PL.

ROARS Calendar

NOTE! Always check this calendar before each ROARS net to see what frequencies are being used. Net Control may do something different on any net at the last minute.



16 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Chuck Carlson, KD6RSQ. Start as usual with PARC 147.130 repeater (+ offset, 107.2 PL), the ROARS 145.300 repeater (- offset, 88.5 PL) and 145.710 simplex (no PL).

19 Another ARISS station shakedown and operator training at Joe Attili's property.

23 ROARS CLUB MEETING planned again for Al Hove's back yard.

30 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Steve Sampson, K6SRS


3-4 ARRL national Simulated Emergency Test.

7 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is John Thomas, AA6PC

10 Final ARISS station test and training just like the real thing at Kelly's school, Ramona Lutheran. After this it is the real thing!

12-16 ARISS! This is the week that Kelly and her students are scheduled to talk with the International Space Station.

21 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is John Thomas, AA6PC


31 Halloween


1 Daylight Savings begins

4 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Mark Garrow, KD6WQK

7 ROARS EMCOMM Test day for coverage from Tractor Supply Company east to Julian. Need folks to drive routes at both 5 and 50 watts. Arrive TSC at 8 AM. Pizza at noon.

11 Veterans Day

18 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Mark Garrow, KD6WQK


26 Thanksgiving


2 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Tyler McClain, KG6HUF

12 Possible ROARS Christmas Party. Hold the date!

16 ROARS Net, 7 PM. Net Control is Tyler McClain, KG6HUF

23 No ROARS meeting in December


ROARS is a 501(c)(3) Amateur Radio club established in 1989, headquartered in Ramona CA and serving the rural back-country of San Diego county. Our ROARS club logos are based on a member's well house (not an out house). See the ROARS History page for much more information.

You can quickly find information about most everything we do on this ROARS web site by clicking items on the Table of Contents on the left (computer) or click the "three lines icon" at the top left corner of the screen (Smart Phone). In addition you can join our Facebook site, participate in our bi-weekly ROARS net, and attend our monthly meetings. Net and meeting details follow below. You can also download and print a PDF file describing ROARS and an application to join ROARS. Both attachments are listed at the bottom of this page. Mail the application in with your check, or better yet come to a meeting.


Welcome to Ramona CA, the geographic center of San Diego county, with access to repeaters that cover most of southern California and links beyond. This is particularly important because almost all of Ramona's commercial and emergency communications systems are located on Mt. Woodson. Should the power or systems on Mt. Woodson be lost, we would loose cell coverage and more, becoming highly isolated. In the worst case conditions, Amateurs with their HF/VHF/UHF radios may be the only communications in and outside Ramona.

ROARS wants to help you be ready for this!

ROARS AREA WEATHER, FIRES & other Emergencies

One of ROARS top priorities is to help our members (and others) during major local disasters. In addition to our emergency communications net, three tools below can help you anytime to better understand what is happening around us; An SDG&E county-wide micro-weather monitoring system, strategically placed webcams around the county and web emergency broadcast monitoring. You can also (should also!) become a Skywarn weather spotter and report what you can see.

  1. San Diego county is unique in the nation because SDG&E has 170 weather stations located along all their circuits all around the county. These sensors drive their own micro-climate simulations to report very localized San Diego weather, reportedly the best micro-climate system in the country. This is an amazing tool to see local temperature, humidity, wind everywhere around the county. Click here for the best San Diego County weather information available 24/7! To find a weather station close to you, click on the "More Data" tab at the bottom of the page.

  2. These Webcams on Mt. Woodson, at the Ramona airport and around the county allow you to quickly see weather or fire conditions all around you:

  3. You can monitor Incident and First Responder communications in San Diego (or around the country) on the web. Click Here for Broadcastify!

As a Ham, you can be an official "Skywarn" weather reporter of your weather and conditions for the National Weather Service, a great service for the Ramona community. The details on how to do this are on our Skywarn Page.

ROARS Bi-Weekly Net:

ROARS welcomes all amateur radio operators in the San Diego County area. We use the net to enjoy our hobby and to practice emergency communications procedures. It is an on-the-air social time for everyone, so join in!

For more information on all the repeaters that the ROARS club maintains, CLICK HERE.

CLICK HERE for current HF band conditions

When: 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month starting at 7 PM

Where: We typically (but see the calendar for details on each net!) start on the PARC 147.130 repeater, move to the 145.300 MHz ROARS repeater and finish on 145.710 simplex. This is to test our ability to communicate throughout our community with and without repeaters. Net Details here!

Who: All licensed radio amateurs are more than welcome. More is better. Please join in!

Why: We use this net to let everyone practice three levels of communications challenges from easy to hard. And have fun!

ROARS Monthly Meeting:

[Cancelled until further notice!]

ROARS meetings are held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at the Ramona Library. Meetings are free and open to all radio amateurs and anyone that is interested in Ham radio or SWL.

Where: Ramona Library Community Room, 1275 Main Street, Ramona CA

When: 4th Wednesday of each month (except Nov and Dec) starting at 7 PM

Who: Everyone is invited! Bring your family or friends! You do not need to be a Ham. We will help you get there.


Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June of each year, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations. It is sponsored by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL). Field Day 2019 was held nationwide from noon to noon on June 22/23, 2019. ROARS set up at the north side of the Chapel Lane cul-du-sac, across from CalFire station 82. In the spirit of practicing continuous worldwide communications in a simulated emergency environment, ROARS operates on solar and battery power simulating primary power failure. CLICK HERE for prior Field Day photos.

Do YOU want to be a Ham, or learn more about the Ham world?

Would you believe there are over 735,000 licensed ham operators in the United States, more than anytime in history? Much of this growth seems to have started after Katrina as people needed to talk when times are bad. Here is a link to a Smithsonian article on Ham growth after Katrina. So amateur radio is is social time and much more. Interested? We have information to help you along the way. Just CLICK HERE!

What can YOU do with Ham Radio? Read this!


Club members gather annually (usually September) for food and talk on a beautiful cool day. Many world problems are solved.