Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society (ROARS) - N6ROR

The original ROARS club logo based on a member's well house.  We will be posting more of ROARS history here in the future.
Welcome to Ramona CA, the geographic center of San Diego county, with access to repeaters that cover most of southern California and links beyond.  This is particularly important because almost all of Ramona's cell and emergency communications coverage is on Mt. Woodson.  Should the power be lost there (or worse), our access to VHF/UHF other repeaters and HF systems will be our only way to stay in touch with the outside world.  Are you ready?

Ramona's Fireworks were Great!

A few ROARS members provided safety support for the show.  Thanks to Don Scott for spearheading this!

What can YOU do with Ham Radio?  Read this!


Amateur (Ham) radio is a rare hobby that opens a new world of opportunities for fun, education and to be of unique value in emergencies.  A great place to find an overview of Ham radio is at this link.  What is Ham Radio? 
  • The ROARS club is also a perfect place to get answers and help along the way.  Come to meetings.  Join the net.  Visit us on Facebook. Search the net for the "Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society"
  • In San Diego we are also very lucky to have a local Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) store with a wealth of radios, books, accessories and smart folks to ease your journey.  Click here for HRO details!
  • The San Diego Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC) also conducts regular classes for new Hams, perhaps the easiest way to get started.  CLICK HERE for class and testing details.

ROARS Weekly Net:

ROARS welcomes all amateur radio operators in the San Diego County area.

When:     1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month starting at 7 PM
Where:    Start on the ECRA 147.030 MHz repeater, then we move to the ROARS repeater, 145.300 MHz.  Net Details here!
Who:        All licensed radio amateurs are more than welcome.  Please join in!
Why:        Fun and practice

For more information on all the repeaters that the ROARS club maintains, CLICK HERE.

ROARS Monthly Meeting:

ROARS meetings are held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at the Ramona Library.  Meetings are free and open to all radio amateurs and anyone that is interested in Ham radio or SWL.  
Where:     Ramona Library Community Room, 1275 Main Street, Ramona CA
When:      4th Wednesday of each month starting at 7 PM
Who:        Everyone is invited!  Bring your family or friends!  You do not need to be a Ham.  We will help you get there.
Tentative Meeting Topics:
JUL:    Field Day results, pictures, videos and discussion.
AUG:   Presentation by Impulse Electronics
SEP:    Weekend picnic in lieu of a Wednesday meeting.  Date TBD.
OCT:    Possible presentation by HRO.
NOV:    No meeting.  Too close to Thanksgiving.
DEC:    Christmas Dinner in lieu of meeting.  Details TBD.


Field Day was held nationwide on June 24/25 2017, CLICK HERE (or on the Field Day 2017 sub-page below) for the story.  
We all owe our club President, Steve Stipp (KK6AHB), a huge THANK YOU for making the arrangements, storing and bringing most of the hardware, and being the Spark Plug for the entire event!

Flashback - Field Day 2016


HR 555 - the "Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017"

This bill directs the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to amend station antenna structure regulations to prohibit a private land use restriction from applying to amateur radio stations if the restriction:
  • precludes communications in an amateur radio service,
  • fails to permit a licensee of amateur radio service to install and maintain an effective outdoor antenna on property under its exclusive use or control, or
  • is not the minimum practicable restriction to accomplish the lawful purposes of a community association seeking to enforce the restriction.
Before installing an outdoor antenna, however, an amateur radio licensee must obtain a community association's prior approval. A community association may: (1) prohibit installations on common property not under the exclusive control of the licensee, and (2) establish installation rules for amateur radio antennas and support structures

ROARS is supporting the US House of Representatives HR555.  If you're a ham fan, please contact your local Representatives and voice your support!


How did Ham call signs come to be?

Our call signs are unique to each of us, and become part of who we are.  In Ham activities they define us more than our names do.  But have you ever wondered how they came to be, and why yours is different than older call signs, or international call signs?  It wasn't the simple story you may have thought.  In fact it was amazingly complex.  At this link is a great article that gives you all the wonderful call sign history.  CLICK HERE