Ramona Outback Amateur Radio Society (ROARS) - N6ROR


ROARS is a 501(c)(3) Amateur Radio club established in 1989, headquartered in Ramona CA and serving the rural back-country of San Diego county.  Our ROARS club logos are based on a member's well house (not an out house).  See the ROARS History page for much more information.
<=== You can quickly find information about most everything we do on our ROARS web site by using the Navigation shortcuts on the left.  
In addition you can join our Facebook site, participate in our bi-weekly ROARS net, and attend our monthly meetings.  Net and meeting details follow below.  
You can also download and print a PDF file describing ROARS and an application to join ROARS.  Both attachments are listed at the bottom of this page.  Mail the application in with your check, or better yet come to a meeting.
Welcome to Ramona CA, the geographic center of San Diego county, with access to repeaters that cover most of southern California and links beyond.  This is particularly important because almost all of Ramona's commercial and emergency communications systems are located on Mt. Woodson.   Should the power or systems on Mt. Woodson be lost, we would loose cell coverage and more, becoming highly isolated.  In the worst case conditions, Amateurs with their HF/VHF/UHF radios may be the only communications in and outside Ramona.  
ROARS wants to help you be ready for this! 


We will post new ROARS or Ham information here as we have it.  (If you have information or events we should share here, please email them to K6SRS@arrl.net)
  1. Added an SDG&E community meeting on June 20.  See calendar.
  2. Field Day is coming!!  Keep checking the calendar below, and you can find the full Field Day 2019 Handout attached at the bottom of the Field Day page.  Download it.  Share it.
  3. Our standard net frequencies are now the PARC 147.075 repeater (+ offset, 107.2 PL), then ROARS 145.300 repeater (- offset, 88.5 PL) and finally 145.710 simplex (no PL).   We may do something different on any net, so check the calendar.


Click Here for the most detailed San Diego County micro climate animation available.   SDG&E has 170 weather stations located along all their circuits in the county, then they use these sensors run their own micro-climate simulations to report and predict very localized weather.  This is an amazing tool to see local temperature, humidity, wind and webcams everywhere around the county. 

These Webcams on Mt. Woodson and at the Ramona airport allow you to quickly see weather or fire conditions all around Ramona: 
  1. Looking north from Mt. Woodson toward Palomar Mtn.  
  2. Looking east from Mt. Woodson over Highway 67, the Ramona airport, downtown Ramona and much of the Ramona valley.  Your first place to look for smoke, fire or storms that may impact us.
  3. Looking west from Mt. Woodson over Poway and to the ocean.
  4. Looking south from Mt Woodson over Highway 67 and toward downtown San Diego
  5. Ramona Airport CalFire Attack Air Base (AAB)

As a Ham, you can be an official "Skywarn" weather reporter of your weather and conditions for the National Weather Service, a great service for the Ramona community.  The details on how to do this are on our Skywarn Page.

You can monitor Incident and First Responder communications in San Diego (or around the country) on the web.   Click Here for Broadcastify!

ROARS Calendar:


19      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control was Barry, KK6LGQ.  An unusual net tonight in that three regular net folks (KR6BG, KK6IGA and WA6QQW) could not hit the 075 Palomar repeater.  Seems we still don't have a solid big-footprint repeater for emergencies.  Darn! 
20      SDG&E hosted Community meeting on "Wildfire Mitigation and Resiliency".  This includes how they will conduct power outages, worth attending.  5 PM start at 434 Aqua Lane, Ramona (Sr Citizens Center). 
21      Field Day Set Up, 5 PMNeed all hands to help with equipment, Signs & Site Preparation, etc. at the field between Highway 67 and the Methodist Church.  Here is the location.
22-23 FIELD DAY 2019.  Final Preparation starts at 8 AM, public at noon Saturday through noon Sunday.  ROARS members and our guests should come the the end of Chapel Lane to help or learn.           
26      NO ROARS CLUB MEETING because of Field Day
3        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Chris, KK6WJE.  Begin on the PARC 147.075 repeater (+ offset, 107.2 PL), then ROARS 145.300 repeater (- offset, 88.5 PL) and finally 145.710 simplex (no PL). 
17      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Chris, KK6WJE.
31      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Steve, K6SRS.
7        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Vince, KK6ZYQ.
21      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Vince, KK6ZYQ.
4        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Ken, KR6BG.
18      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Ken, KR6BG.
2        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is John, W6IET.
5        Ramona Airport Air Fair from 9-4.  ROARS will exhibit.
16      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is John, W6IET.
17      Great California Shakeout (Earthquake Drill)
30      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is Steve, K6SRS.
6        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is ???
20      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is ???
4        ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is ???
18      ROARS Net, 7 PM.  Net Control is ???
TBD   ROARS Christmas Party

ROARS Bi-Weekly Net:

ROARS welcomes all amateur radio operators in the San Diego County area.  We use the net to enjoy our hobby and to practice emergency communications procedures.  It is an on-the-air social time for everyone, so join in!

When:     1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of the month starting at 7 PM 
Where:    We typically (but see the calendar for each net!) start on the 147.075 MHz PARC repeater, move to the 145.300 MHz ROARS repeater and finish on 145.710 simplex.  This is to test our ability to communicate throughout our community with and without repeaters.  Net Details here!
Who:        All licensed radio amateurs are more than welcome.  More is better.  Please join in!
Why:        We use this net to let everyone practice three levels of communications challenges from easy to hard.  And have fun!

For more information on all the repeaters that the ROARS club maintains, CLICK HERE.

ROARS Monthly Meeting:

ROARS meetings are held on the Fourth Wednesday of each month at the Ramona Library.  Meetings are free and open to all radio amateurs and anyone that is interested in Ham radio or SWL.  
Where:     Ramona Library Community Room, 1275 Main Street, Ramona CA
When:      4th Wednesday of each month (except Nov and Dec) starting at 7 PM
Who:        Everyone is invited!  Bring your family or friends!  You do not need to be a Ham.  We will help you get there.


Field Day 2019 will be held nationwide from noon to noon on June 22/23, 2019.  Our club communications trailer, tents and public tours will be across the street from the fire station (same as last year).  
A great Pot Luck dinner will be Saturday evening.  Site take down after noon on Sunday.  

CLICK HERE for prior Field Day photos. 

Do YOU want to be a Ham, or learn more about the Ham world?  
Would you believe there are over 735,000 licensed ham operators in the United States, more than anytime in history?  Much of this growth seems to have started after Katrina as people needed to talk when times are bad. Here is a link to a Smithsonian article on Ham growth after Katrina.  So amateur radio is is social time and much more.  Interested?  We have information to help you along the way.  Just CLICK HERE!

What can YOU do with Ham Radio?  Read this!


Some of the club members gathered in September for food and talk on a beautiful cool day.  Many world problems were solved.