ROARS bi-weekly net

ROARS hosts a weekly net (well, actually it is every other week) on local VHF repeaters to practice net procedures if there was ever an emergency and we had to do it for real, to share announcements and share information. The ROARS net welcomes all amateur radio operators!

WHEN: The 1st, 3rd and 5th (if there is a 5th) Wednesday of each month

TIME: 7 PM Pacific. Total time is usually around 30 minutes.

WHERE: There are typically three phases to the ROARS net, allowing us to practice communications across a range of communications challenges of increasing difficulty. We do make changes on some nets, so always check the ROARS calendar for specific net details!

Phase 1 - Begin on the PARC 147.130 repeater (+ offset, 107.2 PL) located at 6,000 ft on Mount Palomar. This repeater is popular for many social and emergency nets and you should know how to use it.

Phase 2 - The net moves to the ROARS 145.300 repeater (- offset, 88.5 PL) located at 1,400 ft in Ramona with backup power. The Ramona valley is RF isolated from much of San Diego, so seeing if you work this local coverage repeater is good practice for future local emergency communications.

Phase 3 - At the end of the net we switch to 145.710 simplex (no PL). This is to test our local VHF connectivity when no repeaters are available. You learn where you do and don't have coverage, and what radios and power levels work well.

Please program these frequencies in your radios and join in the fun. While we do follow a simple net protocol (script is attached below) for practice, this net is an informal gathering open to all. We usually start with a roll and want you to respond with your call, name and current location. We may add other information requests from time to time, and we always have a call for announcements and general discussion. Hope to see you on the air!

Net Control management is Steve Sampson (K6SRS), but we try to rotate through all club members to give everyone Net Control experience. In an emergency, who knows who will have to run a net? We all welcome you to join the net for fun and practice.