Use the links below to apply for ROARS membership, pay your club dues online, or to make donations to ROARS (greatly appreciated)!   

To join ROARS, begin by completing the application form in the first button, then move on to pay for either Single or Family member dues.

To renew your ROARS membership, if nothing has changed just click on the Single or Family button to pay.  If anything in your membership data has changed, also submit a new application form.  Renewals should all be done in January each year.

A single membership is $16 for one person.  A family membership is $20 for all family members living at one address, licensed hams or not.    

NOTE:  Annual memberships begin in January and should be paid then.  If you  join ROARS later in the year, dues are prorated downward quarterly.  e.g.  If you were to join during the third calendar quarter, you would pay the full amount here, then the club would refund half your membership fee.  

Donations help the club sustain and grow are always welcome.  

If you have any questions or issues, email our treasurer at

After clicking submit above, dues can be paid through one of the links below.