Helpful Links for Hams

These links are your shortcut to various sources of neat information or hardware about the Ham world. They are listed here in alphabetical order, as I find them:

  1. All About Circuits - A web site with a wide range of tools to help you design circuits, find parts, crowd source information, and more.

  2. All Day Electronics - a Retail Store Selling, servicing and Installing Amateur, Commercial, CB, Marine, Air Band and Satellite Radios, Antennas and Accessories including being the largest wholesaler of Batteries (for all brands of radios including ICOM, Yaesu, Kenwood, Alinco, AnyTone, Baofeng, Midland, Cobra, and others) , chargers and accessories in Southern California. 2855 Highway 67, Ramona CA 92065. 760-870-4690.

  3. Alpha Antenna – Very portable HF vertical (I bought one) and loop antennas.

  4. Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), San Diego. The best organization in the country for organizing Ham radio emergency communications.

  5. Amateur Radio Repeater guide. Nearby repeaters are available for free. A bigger footprint needs money.

  6. ARRL – The Mother of ham radio - our national association.

  7. ARRL - My ARRL voice - a web site for ARRL members to discuss ARRL management policies. What's up with ARRL? Click here.

  8. Auxiliary Communication Support (ACS), San Diego - A volunteer organization that - in emergencies - staffs a Ham radio communications station at the sheriff's HQ on Kearny Mesa.

  9. Azimuthal map something you need? CLICK HERE

  10. BandConditions - a nice simple graphic on the current propagation quality of most HF bands.

  11. Bioenno Power. 12 volt power systems based on the newest battery technology.

  12. CheapHam - Carries many close-out or overstock items from other dealers.

  13. CHIRP - Free software to program most handi-talkies from your computer. Really helpful for the Chinese radios. You must buy the correct cable for your radio.

  14. DX Engineering. Perhaps the most complete web site for all your ham goodies. Their catalog has virtually everything.

  15. DX Zone - The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio (Ham Radio), currently lists 20.000+ links organized into 600+ categories and subcategories.

  16. eHam - a sounding board for many ham topics, but is the go-to place for classifieds and product reviews.

  17. Flex Radio - perhaps the king of the newest Software Defined Radios.

  18. Ham classes and testing in the San Diego area.

  19. Ham Nation - a show and library of videos on all things Ham.

  20. HRO (Ham Radio Outlet), One of two Ham stores in the county. This link is to their corporate on-line store.

  21. ICOM - A full family of Ham radios, some with their DStar digital communcations capability.

  22. Impulse Electronics - a local (Escondido) retailer of most anything you need for 12v power accessories.

  23. K0BG - This web site is an encyclopedia of information about all things for mobile amateur radio. A fun read.

  24. Kenwood - A major supplier of AM/FM/CD radios, commercial radios and Ham radios.

  25. KSARRL. This Kansas Amateur Radio web site has over 500 links to other Ham Radio things. The mother of all web links.

  26. LDG Electronics - A wide range of antenna tuners and other accessories.

  27. Maker Pro - An interesting collaboration site that has many home projects you can build. Most are centered around small processor engines.

  28. Palomar Engineers – Everything you need to solve RFI problems.

  29. Powerwerx – Pages of Ham things; radios, tools, connectors, wire, power supplies and more.

  30. QTH - A web hosting site you may be interested in, but the list of ham companies using their hosting is an impressive list in itself. Check it out.

  31. QRZ - your one-stop shop to find out who the ham is your are talking with, and their location. Just search for their call sign.

  32. Radiosport headsets – Very high end, comfortable and well-reviewed headsets (some models with mics)

  33. RF Exposure Calculator - An on-screen calculator using the most recent ARRL rules.

  34. ROARS Facebook site. No better way to post stories and photos, ask questions, etc.

  35. ROARS Google Group. Join up and message within the ROARS community anytime. [Currently inactive. Use our Facebook site.]

  36. ROHN. Need a tower or accessories. This is a good place to look.

  37. RT Systems - the leader in memory programming tools for your hard-to-program Ham radio, particularly your VHF/UHF units.

  38. Skywarn - An all volunteer organization that supports the National Weather Service Forecast Office in San Diego

  39. SteppIR – Performance Yagi and vertical antennas, most are lightweight and portable.

  40. Tigertronics – USB sound card to marry your radio and computer.

  41. The Doctor Is In. Visit many tips for Hams from this regular section of QST magazine.

  42. US Tower. If Rohn hasn't got your favorite tower, check these folks out.

  43. WIN System - perhaps the finest system of linked UHF repeaters in the country, and it starts in our back yard.

  44. Yaesu - You know who this is. Learn about their System Fusion radios.

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