ROARS weekly net

ROARS hosts a weekly net (well, actually it is every other week)
on local VHF repeaters to practice net procedures if there was ever an emergency and we had to do it for real, to share announcements and share information.  The ROARS net welcomes all amateur radio operators!

WHEN:    The first, third and fifth Wednesday of each month (Sometimes if we are tired of the month we just cancel the fifth Wednesday.)
TIME:       Start at 7 PM US/Pacific
WHERE:  Begin on the ECRA 147.030 repeater (+ offset, 103.5 PL) located at 6,000 ft on Mount Palomar which covers San Diego county. The net continues on ROARS 145.300 repeater (- offset, 88.5 PL) located at 1,400 ft in Ramona.  The Ramona valley is RF isolated from much of San Diego, so seeing if you can get to this repeater is a good test for future local communications.  NOTE:  Starting with our Feb 21, 2018 net - after using the 145.300 repeater - we will switch to 146.520 simplex (no PL) and do a roll call.  This is to test our local VHF connectivity when there are no repeaters available.  

Net Control for our weekly net is normally Steve Sampson (K6SRS).  If there are schedule conflicts, either Steve Stipp (KK6AHB) or John German (W6IET) step in.  We all welcome you to join the net for perhaps 30 minutes of fun and practice.

Richard Elling,
Jul 26, 2009, 5:10 PM