This page is information on Skywarn, an organization open to all hams to assist the National Weather Service (NWS).  Skywarn® is a proactive spotter network. During severe weather outbreaks, the NWS activates Skywarn®, and spotters in target areas are notified. Skywarn® spotters are then asked to relay observances from locations near potential trouble spots. Volunteer ham radio operators staff a station at the weather service office, receive weather information from ham radio operators throughout the region, and forward them to the NWS forecasters.

To join this family you must study and pass a test on how to understand and report weather conditions, then you will be assigned a Skywarn Spotter identification number.  Once a certified spotter, you would join the local Skywarn net on the ECRA repeater (Palomar Mtn.) at 147.030 on Tuesday nights at 7 PM, or when Skywarn is activated for severe weather.  There is more you can do, but this this is the big step.

For more information about Skywarn go to this National Weather Service link or this Skywarn link.