ROARS Member Ham Shacks

Club Station - N6ROR
  • Shown at Field Day running 100 watts on total solar and battery power
  • The new club communications trailer as it begins construction
  • Communications trailer painted and with tower in place
  • Night shots of a mechanically complete trailer waiting for radios

Steve - K6SRS
  • Flex 6500 (160-6 meters, an SDR)
  • ICOM 7300 (160-6 meters, an SDR)
  • Yeasu FT-900 (160-10 meters)
  • Yeasu FTM-400 (VHF/UHF with C4FM)
  • 10-15-20 meter Yagi (Cushcraft A3S on rotator)
  • 80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10 meter end fed long wire (EFNW-8010)
  • 6 meter Vertical (Diamond CP62)
  • Many HT's

Andrew (WA6QQW) and Laura (KK6IGA)
  • Great custom antenna farm in Ranchita

The big one is 10-160 home brew fan dipole. And the H tower is vhf and uhf. There are three towers that aren't pictured.

Steve - KK6AHB

A serious Ham shack.  Two crank-up towers, antennas for all bands, weather station, scanner, linear and a multitude of current and classic radios.   Worked all 50 states, Antarctica and more.  

Tyler - KG6HUF

Since I'm a new member... Just like to share my station. I was impressed with the emergency plan the club has. I was worried that the club may not have much of a plan. I was wrong. I love that the club focuses on actual situations and preparedness. My station can operate on solar/battery backup and generator. Operational on hf 80-10m all vhf/uhf, frs/gmrs and cb. Mobile I only have vhf/uhf/gmrs/Frs. Portable vhf/uhf/gmrs repeater also available with 4x4 for location drop where it's needed. Glad to be a part of the group!