ROARS Grant Information

ROARS Grant Request Questionnaire

All – Your input is needed for this!  ROARS will submit a request for a grant to help cover the cost of the new club communications trailer.  To do so, there are a number of questions that need answers or member input.  They are listed here.  I’ve suggested a few answers.  What are your thoughts?

1.      1. How long has the team been together or formed?

·       ROARS officially started on Dec 6, 1989 when the president of the Ramona Municipal Water District, the chief of the Ramona Fire Department the assistant chief and emergency preparedness officer for the Ramona Fire Department met to develop an emergency plan for Ramona and environs. The overriding concern was that Ramona (because of its isolation) could not rely on outside assistance during the first two hours of any emergency, or during the first two to six days of a major regional disaster. Additionally, the Ramona valley is dependent on regional radio repeaters and the telephone system for communications, neither of which can be relied upon during an emergency. This is a critical consideration, since direct "simplex" communications are limited due to the terrain.  A local club of qualified Ham operators was desired to assist in an emergency.  This was the genesis of ROARS, and the need continues today.


2.   2. What is the rate of change over, members coming or going?

Anyone have this data?

3.   3. What has the team done to improve or assist the community in time of need?

Anyone have information on past community efforts over the years? 

4.   4. What are our plans for the future, community training, recruiting?

ROARS is very proactive in many areas; establishing and improving an emergency communications plan for the Ramona area, building a self-contained, solar powered communications trailer that will serve as a communications hub when needed, working with local scouts to gain amateur licenses, holding our Field Day event next to Cal Fire to promote interaction, placing news articles in the local paper and more.

5.   5. If you are requesting a specific radio or repeater model, why? 

I’m guessing that since our Ramona repeater is System Fusion (C4FM) digital capable, we want C4FM radios, at least for VHF/UHF.

6.   6. Why will that piece of equipment be better than model ABC123?

ROARS Ramona repeater is capable of both analog and digital communications using the C4FM protocol.  This can allow clearer voice transmissions, automatic sharing of GPS locations, transmission of images and more.  All very useful to improve situational awareness in an emergency.

7.   7. Do not be shy in your request.  The granter can only say Yes or No.


8.   8. Can we afford to insure the equipment we get?


9.   9. How do we plan on maintaining and securing it?

The communications trailer is built with weather-proof security boxes for all the valuable content, and will always be stored on private property.  Maintaining the trailer and communications equipment is inherently the passion of ROARS ham members.

Comment here, or on our Facebook page.  The results of all your inputs will be considered by the ROARS officers and they will make one submittal.