Helpful Links for Hams

These links are your shortcut to various sources of neat information about the Ham world.  They are listed here as I find them, no particular order:
  1. The K0BG web site is an encyclopedia of information about all things for mobile amateur radio.  A fun read. 
  2. QRZ is your one-stop shop to find out who the ham is your are talking with, and their location.  Just search for their call sign.
  3. BandConditions has a nice simple graphic on the current propagation quality of most HF bands. 
  4. Impulse Electronics is a local (Escondido) retailer of most anything you need for 12v power accessories. 
  5. eHam is a sounding board for many ham topics, but is the go-to place for product reviews.
  6. Need an Azimuthal map?  CLICK HERE
  7. Ham Nation is a show and library of videos on all things Ham. 
  8. Flex Radio is perhaps the king of the newest Software Defined Radios.  
  9. The WIN System is perhaps the finest system of linked UHF repeaters in the country, and it starts in our back yard.
  10. RT Systems is the leader in memory programming tools for your hard-to-program Ham radio, particularly your VHF/UHF units.
  11. Amateur Radio Repeater guide.  Nearby repeaters are available for free.  A bigger footprint needs money.
  12. HRO (Ham Radio Outlet), the only Ham store in town.  This is their corporate on-line store.
  13. Ham classes and testing in the San Diego area.
  14. ROARS Google Group.  Join up and message within the ROARS community anytime.
  15. ROARS Facebook site.  No better way to post stories and photos, ask questions, etc.
  16. ROHN.  Need a tower or accessories.  This is a good place to look.
  17. US Tower.  If Rohn hasn't got your favorite tower, check these folks out.
  18. KSARRL.  This Kansas Amateur Radio web site has over 500 links to other Ham Radio things.  The mother of all web links.
  19. Bioenno Power.  12 volt power systems based on the newest battery technology.